I am the Cofounder and Managing Partner of One Way Ventures.

More importantly, I am a refugee from the Soviet Union and an advocate for open borders. I believe people should be free to work and create value anywhere, regardless of where they are born.

Through my experience working with the startup community, I have observed that immigrant founders are much more likely to build big companies–having gone through the immigration process gives them a competitive advantage as entrepreneurs. This is the basis on which One Way Ventures was formed, and I care deeply about helping immigrant founders succeed. My hope is that One Way Ventures will increase social acceptance of immigration around the world, and that one day more people will think globally – that we are not so much patriots of a country, but rather patriots of the world.


Managing Director of Techstars (Boston).

Angel Investor, 100+ angel investments, including Quanergy, SMTP.com, and Wanderu

Founder of Fast Engines, Vert, & the Troublemaker Award

MIT Blackjack Team leader

Columbia University & MIT