Semyon Dukach is the Managing Director of Techstars in Boston and currently doesn't make any new angel investments.



The goal of my angel activities is to support young ambitious people who are eager to create their own companies and make their dreams real, regardless of where they come from. I measure my success by being able to help passionate entrepreneurs realize their vision.


I invest in people. As an angel investor I have the freedom to be loyal to individuals, founders of the companies, rather than to organizations. My primary interest is not in maximizing a return on every single investment but is in the process of working with founders and helping them develop themselves and their ideas.


Selection Criteria

I invest in very diverse types of startups. They range from companies that solve challenges of personal aviation to social enterprises that improve quality of lives in African villages. Yet, they share a number of things in common. Their founders are people who are passionate about and fully dedicated to their ideas, and want to make an impact on the world.