Working With Semyon

“One of my favorite investors is Semyon Dukach. Just as an indication of how helpful he is: I not only talk to him frequently, but I also have him come to all of our Board meetings, even though he is not on the Board officially, just because I trust his opinion so much”. Jordan Fliegel, CEO of CoachUp
“Semyon has been a fantastic addition to our Board of Directors. He has brought a very broad perspective to the company, he has had an exposure to a number of different industries…He is a very dynamic guy: very engaging and passionate about the things that he invests in….He shares that sort of passion for what we are doing…That’s one of the reasons why he makes a really good investor… There are rough times at any startup company but if you share this long-term focus and that mutual passion, you can work through these things.” Carl Dietrich, CEO&Co-Founder of Terrafugia
“For me, as the first time CEO, it is extremely important to learn how to navigate these difficult routes of getting an early-stage startup to success. He has been great at boosting mine and my team’s confidence, whether it is on fund-raising or marketing strategies, or anything else we are concerned about. One would be foolish not to have such a great person as a trusted advisor”. George Elfond, CEO of Rallyware
“He is not only good at giving you extremely prudent business advise and asking you the right questions that really make you think but really cares about developing you as an individual….He helped us to think through things not just from a short-term perspective but from a long-term strategic perspective.” Hannah Chung and Aaron Horowitz, founders of Sproutel
“When I first began, I was 22 years old and I considered myself a CEO in-training… Semyon was that person who taught me how to lead my company. Everything he says, everything he usually advises on is usually spot on where we need to go as a company”. Jodie Wu, CEO of Global Cycle Solutions
“He is a very down to Earth guy who makes you feel very comfortable as an entrepreneur, as someone who is starting off… Semyon is very specific in his feedback, and he is very specific in his interaction with you. It is very easy to talk at a high level but it is almost no use to me…If I start the next company, I will definitely seek Semyon out”. Manish Jhunjhunwala, CEO of Trefis